Why donate?

Hosting the game-server, website, TeamSpeak 3 and the upcoming Minecraft server costs a lot
of money. Donating ensures that we always have the funds required to keep the server online and move further as a community.

What do I get?

By donating to the server you will be awarded a Premium rank both ingame and on forum, which gives you access to many new features.

1. Access to a new, unique weapon that launches explosive, bird shit filled projectiles! A Pootis Launcher!

2. Access to /spiderman, which lets you swing across the city like there's no tommorow!

3. Access to /chatcolor and /colorpicker, what's more neat than having a custom chat color?!

4. Access to /gravity, FLOAAAAAAAT AWAYYYYYY.

5. Higher values for /jump, /sb and /cr! Wow!

6. Ability to have your maps imported and exported from the server!

7. Ability to create and load races!

8. Access to Premium ingame chat and Premium forums board!

9. Access to skip auto clear, /skipautoclear!

10. More slots for player attached objects and player bone attached objects! MORE HATS!

11. Access to more cars to use in Hot Pursuit for both police and suspect side!

12. Ability to spawn more actors, up to 50!

13. No more "wait 2 seconds between commands" timer.

14. Access to /flycar, which lets you fly with your vehicle.

15. Access to Material Text function for mapping system.

16. Ability to save and load osticks and posticks.

How to donate?

Any amount of donation is accepted, however, you have to donate a minimum of 5.00 Euros (5.68 Dollars) to be awarded with Premium Rank. Any fees MUST be covered by you.

Donations are done through PayPal. Once you have donated, private message Sajugs with your transaction ID and amount donated. Your donation will be handled within 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Premium status set me higher than other players?

Absolotely not! If you're a Premium member, you'll still be treated the same way regular players are. Any rule breaks, user reports or ban appeals will be handled equally.

Can I get a refund?

No, we don't do refunds. Think twice before donating.

Can my Premium rank be removed?

Yes, your Premium rank can be removed in cases of major rulebreak bans.

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